The somewhat cryptic abbreviation FVV stands for the bulky word Fachschaftsvollversammlung - so the abbreviation is probably justified. The FVV takes place once a semester on a central date and gives the student representatives the opportunity to inform all students about their tasks and current topics. At MPIC, the FVV is held separately for the departments of Mathematics, Computer Science and NAT.


The dates are communicated here centrally via TUM. No lectures, exercises, practicals or other courses may be held at this time! You will receive concrete information about the next FVV in time by mail and in a separate Moodle course.


At a FVV the current work of the student council is presented. It is a good opportunity to find out what the student council is doing and how you can get involved. In addition, current topics are presented that are relevant for the students on a faculty or university level, e.g. new courses of study, learning spaces, changes to the semester ticket and much more. All students are invited to participate.

We look forward to seeing you at the next FVV!


Here you can find the materials of the past FVVs.