Student Council


The Mathematics/Physics/Informatics/Chemistry Student Council (MPIC) consists of all active students of TUM NAT and TUM CIT (excluding the former Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Information Technology). Of course, (unfortunately!) only some of them are active - these are usually referred to as the active student council.

For the winter semester 2022/2023, the previously (for a long time) existing Fachschaftverbund “MPI” (Mathematics/Physics/Informatics, or before the founding of the Faculty of Computer Science, the Fachschaft Mathematik/Physik) was united with the Fachschaft Chemie, in order to better reflect the newly created Schools, which took the place of the Faculties. The separation from the Electrical Engineering and Information Technology remains for the time being - mainly because of the spatial distance.

In the area of university policy, we have to adhere to the school boundaries for formal reasons, so that the students of FS CIT and FS NAT have to work in their own committees. Nevertheless, we exchange information about relevant topics across the school boundaries. Many of the topics concern only students of one school, so that they have their own meetings.



The MPIC student council offers services, where the school or former faculty borders are not very relevant. The goal is always the improvement of the study conditions or the student life at the campus in Garching.

To achieve these goals, the MPIC is divided into various committees that deal with specific topics.

  • Units are the permanent working groups that take on recurring fixed tasks. For example, the printing unit runs our print shop or the SET unit organizes the introductory study days.
  • For specific tasks or projects, e.g. the administration of the warehouse or the beverage stock, there are representatives.
  • In addition to the departmental work and the representatives, which are carried out by the MPIC student council, you can also get involved in project work as a student. Project work is a great way to get to know the student council and its members, and to get involved in organizing exciting events that benefit you and other students!

University politics

University politics is one of the central aspects of student council work.

It is always about reaching out to students and their interests, informing them about current or future university political events, and continuously improving student life.

Topics that affect students TUM-wide are discussed in the Fachschaftenrat (FSR). The Faculty Council (FKR) - or “School Council” in TUM German - is responsible for involving students in decisions concerning their faculty or school. The Senate also acts as an academic supervisory body throughout TUM. During the university elections in the summer semester, you can elect student representatives (often running against each other on different lists) as student representatives to the university’s political bodies for the coming year. In particular, you elect the representatives in the Senate and in the FKR, but also those persons who can be sent to the FSR at all.

The MPIC student council actively participates in university politics, especially in cooperation with the student councils NAT & CIT. At the meetings of the FS MPIC there are always reports from the FSR and other university politics matters - the perfect opportunity to get an overview and to inform yourself! Also, you can often find people in the student council office who you can talk to if you have questions.

Next to this page you will find links to the FS NAT & FS CIT pages for more in-depth information, as well as our University Politics page, which explains all topics in detail.


During the lecture period, our committee “Ausschuss” meets every 14 days. There we discuss especially decisions that affect our services. You can get information about this at any time via, where you can find the agenda and minutes of the meetings. Every student from our department is entitled to propose, to speak and to vote - feel free to come along!