Some of the tasks at the Student Council do not fall within the scope of a unit. That is why appointees are assigned to handle these. Unlike the units, it is, however, not fixed what kind of appointees exist. Therefore, the committee may at any time assign an appointee to handle a specific task, without having to go through a complex process to set up a unit.

Equality Officer

If you have encountered any problems associated with sexism, the equality officers of the Student Council will help you. Whatever the issue might be, discrimination because of your sexual identity or orientation, they will help you. Contact them at

Do not hesitate to contact them, if you encountered any problems with sexism in your studies or at university in general, they will handle all issues with care and complete confidentiality. The equality officers are well connected in the faculties and can therefore handle all problems at the appropriate position.

Accessibility appointee

The Accessibility appointees serve as contact persons for all issues concerning students with disabilities. If you encounter accessibility barriers in the building or in lectures, if you have concrete suggestions to remove obstacles or if you need personal support, you have come to the right place. The Accessibility appointees drive inclusion in the faculties by communicating the needs of the students to the faculty and university administration. They can be reached at

Storeroom Manager

The storeroom manager manages the Student Council’s storerooms and everything stored in them, so you can find everything quickly and efficiently. If you want to borrow equipment for events, such as mulled wine cookers, beer garden tables or cable drums, you should contact the storeroom manager at

Beverage Manager

The beverage representatives take care that the beverage stock of the student council is always filled and that nobody has to sit on the dry during events like the game night. For wishes or suggestions you can contact

Rooms Manager

As the name already suggests, the Rooms Manager takes care of the order in the rooms of the student council. If you have questions or suggestions for improvement, you can always reach him at

Poster Managers

The Poster Managers take care of approving postings in faculty buildings and answering questions about postings of all kinds. You can always contact with inquiries.