Academic Program Mathematik

Academic Program Mathematik

Student Representatives

The student representatives are the contact persons of the mathematics student body. They represent the leadership of their student body to the outside world and are the contact persons for all general inquiries from external persons.

Current student representatives

  • Philip Dodel ( )
  • Alexandra Özdemir ( )
  • Oliver Kasper ( )

School Council

Current representatives in the School Council

  • Alexander Pach ( )

Current representatives in the Audit Committee

  • Oliver Kasper ( )
  • Philip Dodel ( )

For applications to the Examination Board Mathematics, the secretaries of the individual study programs are the right contact persons, you can also send an e-mail to .

Study grants

Study grants are government funds earmarked for the improvement of study conditions. They are the replacement for tuition fees, which were abolished in 2013. They are used to improve teaching, enhance student services and improve infrastructure.

Current representatives:inside on the Mathematics Study Grant Committee.

  • Jakob Deser ( )
  • Moritz Wiesinger ( )
  • Thomas Hartel (tba)

You can reach them at if you have a project idea that you would like to have funded.