People and Units

People and Units

Student Council Speakers

The Student Council Speakers are the central contact point both internally and externally. You want to participate, but don’t know exactly where? Then feel free to contact us!

Matti Kaye
Igor Koop
Benno Dauer

Unit of study and teaching

WG Didactics

The Didactics Working Group supports the semester speakers with problems in teaching, prepares QM circles, helps with feedback and evaluates the lecture evaluations in order to award prizes for good teaching.

Jannik Husemann
Hannes Ehlert
Sabrina Wager

WG Studies

The WG Studies supports the Teaching Commission and student assessors in EFVs and SOVs.

Emanuel Basler

Quality Management Circle

The Quality Management Circle (QM Circle) is constantly working to improve teaching for the various degree programs. For this purpose, representatives of students and the faculties sit together in a committee and discuss major problems.

Teaching Commissions

The Teaching Commissions revise study programs and two student representatives contribute the student perspective on changes.

Appointment Commissions

The TUM appoints or renews professorships through an appointment committee (BK), which consists of, among others, one voting and one non-voting student representative. They make sure that the teaching concepts of the professors create a real benefit for the students.

University Politics Unit

Representatives on the School Council

The School Council (Faculty Council according to Art. 41 BayHIG) is the highest body of the School, chaired by the Dean. It advises and decides on general teaching matters, habilitations, granting of teaching authorization, appointment of professors and other fundamental matters.

Thorben Lützel
Igor Koop

Representatives on the Student Council Committee

The Student Council Committe (FSR) is a kind of parliament of the Student Representation (SV) of TUM, consisting of all student councils. Meetings are held every 3 weeks at different locations, where topics such as university groups, SV events, Deutschlandstipendium and more are discussed, units and representatives are elected, and applications for financial resources or event technology are made. The meetings are open to the public and all students have the right to apply and speak.

Jana Bayer
Matti Kaye
Emanuel Basler
Ziwei Wang

Representatives on the Study Grants Committee

The study grants improve study conditions and teaching. The Study Grant Commission (StuZuKo) decides every semester on the distribution of funds, which are focused on tutorials, support for lecture notes and new internship experiments in accordance with the curriculum.

Library Officers

As library officers, we act as a point of contact for everything related to the library. We organize library tours at the beginning of semesters, submit book requests, and help liaise between the library and the student council.

Sabrina Wager

Area Communication

WG Recruitment

The WG Recruitment is looking for new members for the student council. We offer various smaller activities in the main physics/chemistry building.

Teo Böhme
Franz Pöschl
Jana Bayer

Newsletter representative

We offer a newsletter, see here.

David Schneider

Internal unit

Room and Rental Representative

As a student council, we take care of the order and equipment of the rooms such as the student council office, lounge and storage. We also offer the rental of sports equipment such as table tennis bats.

Merle Zenner
Frowin Wild
Davide Donatiello

IT Representative

The IT representative takes care of the IT matters of the student council. Student council members and students of NAT can get in touch by mail if they have any questions.