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We are glad that you are interested in the student council! On this page you will find several aspects of student council work and how you can get involved yourself!


The Ausschuss is the official meeting of the MPIC Student Council where reports and official decisions are made. It is held on a biweekly basis during the lecture period and on defined dates during the non-lecture period. All students who belong to the MPIC student council have the right to vote and petition at the Ausschuss - this way, suggestions and ideas from all students can be taken into consideration.

The Ausschuss is a great opportunity to get to know the work of the student council - there are regular reports from the departments, the representatives and the university policy committees , so that you are directly up to date with the latest developments! You can find more detailed information about the committee in our Meetingtool. We look forward to seeing you!


Units are permanent working groups of the MPIC, which fulfill different tasks. More information about the units can be found here.


The representatives are responsible for tasks that do not fall within the scope of the units. They are, in contrast to the units, not fixed, so that the committee can establish new representatives as needed. The responsibilities of the representatives are usually carried out by individuals or a small group of student representatives, while the units are usually larger in scope. You can find more details about the different representatives here.

University policy

The university policy (short HoPo for Hochschulpolitik) is a central part of the student council work and is responsible for representing the interests of the students in the committees of the university and schools / faculties. Due to the structure of the TUM, the student council MPIC is not active in the committees of the HoPo itself, but delegates the university policy to the student councils of the individual schools / faculties, which to a large extent belong to the MPIC. For example, a physics student is a member of the student council NAT, because he studies at the School of Natural Sciences (NAT), but he is also a member of the MPIC, because the student council NAT belongs completely to the MPIC.

Due to this peculiarity in the student council structure, the MPIC focuses more on the service area, but there are regular reports on the Ausschuss about the current HoPo. The actual work, however, takes place in the school student councils. More detailed information about university politics can be found here.