Computer Unit

Computer Unit

The CompRef is entrusted with administrative activities related to our IT infrastructure. These are for example maintenance and further development of the network as well as the computers in the student council rooms. We also do offer our services to other student councils and the general student union. Accredited Student clubs may also ask us for a webspace and a a mailing list.


Our tasks include the care and maintenance of the hardware and software of our computers. In case of problems with the electronic student council infrastructure, we are usually the right contact point. The most important of the services we run are:

  • User administration (LDAP, Kerberos).
  • Clients in the student council rooms
  • Webserver in the zone (apache, nginx)
  • Some further web services and -tools (Django, PHP)
  • The student council mail services (Postfix, Dovecot, Mailman, Roundcube, Sieve)
  • Database server, git, Trac, DNS, DHCP, Radius
  • Monitoring with Zabbix and graylog

Unit heads

The unit can be reached at

Philipp Edelmann
Thomas Kittel
Andreas Hubel
Stefan Winkler
Fabian Schmid
Markus Teich
Sven Hertle
Karsten Lauck
Albert Stark
Leander Seidlitz
Malte Schmitz
Michael Oberrauch