Printing Unit

Printing Unit

The printing department of the student council produces printed products for the student council as well as for external parties.

By the way, our 3D printing department has its own page.

In the following we will introduce you to our machines a bit closer.

Digital printing

Digital printing is our daily business. No matter if scripts, theses or the impulsive, all this is printed on our Canon imagePRESS C710. The imagePRESS prints very precisely and in full color. Equipped with a booklet finisher and a squarefold unit, the scripts can be stapled and folded. At 70 pages per minute, the machine works a little faster than the average printer.

Our imagePRESS C710
Our imagePRESS C710

Designed as a production machine, the imagePRESS also runs continuously at a stretch without a problem. With up to an hour of unattended working time, it also works very gently on personnel, at which point new paper must be loaded at the latest.



Our electronic cutting machine gives us the possibility to produce products beyond the usual paper formats.


Since we have our own binding machine, we are also able to provide smaller runs with adhesive binding by hand.

3D printing

3D printing has its own page.

Unit members

In order to produce the diverse printed products of the Fachschaft MPIC, we maintain our own smaller print shop.

If you are interested, contact us at or just drop by.

Central Chief Core Printing Officers (C-3PO)

Florian Raabe
Leonard Auer