Finance Unit

Finance Unit

We take care of the financial support of all projects of the MPIC and ensure a smooth running of the daily business.


Our tasks include that decisions that require financial resources can be implemented. For example, we are responsible for the support of decided purchases.

Furthermore we handle the day-to-day business, for example the financial support of the sale of scripts or the printing. In cooperation with the responsible units, we take care of the change, the invoicing and the bookkeeping.

Finally, our events like the Unity, the Winterball or the SET need money. There, together with the organizers, we make calculations, lay out purchases and take care of the cash registers during the events, so that there is always enough change available. The accounting of the events also falls then into our area of responsibility.

Chief Financial Officers (CFO)

Emanuel Basler
Luis Börner
Nils Harmsen