SET Unit

SET Unit

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The SET department is responsible for the implementation of the Introductory Study Days (SET). There, the first-year students are offered various events, ranging from a welcome event, campus tour, pub crawl, IT introduction to a joint breakfast and barbecue. In the winter semester, the SET takes place over three days, usually from Thursday to Saturday, before lectures begin. For first-year Master’s students in the summer semester, a one-day SET is usually held on the Thursday before the start of lectures.

The SET-unit is led by several lecturers, who take care of the preparation and organization of the SET. They are supported by several staff members. During the SET, this team is supported by tutors. They show the first-year students around the campus, pack the bags for the first-year students, help with the barbecue, etc.

After the SET is before the SET, because already at the beginning of the semester the preparation for the next SET starts. This involves reserving lecture halls, inviting speakers for the information events, asking companies for giveaways for the first-year bags, recruiting tutors and much more…

Information for new members

For the Winter-SET we already found members to help us out. Your next chance to help is the upcoming Summer-SET. The preperation for the Summer-SET starts shortly after the Winter-SET. All relevant infos will be found on this site. For any inquiries please don’t hesitate to contact us at:

We look forward to seeing you there ;)

Small disclaimer: This is not the application to become a SET tutor, we are looking for SET staff here to help us mainly in the planning before the SET and execution during the SET.


The SET department has different e-mail addresses for different tasks. Under the respective e-mail address you can always reach the responsible officer or staff member.

Contact address for all general questions
Contact address for SET tutors
Contact address for companies with questions about the Ersti-Bags
Contact address for first-year students with questions about the SET trip

Central Task Masters

Marina Ruoff
Kento Grüner
Emanuel Basler
Tassilo Lemke
Aly ElSharaby