Scripts Unit

Scripts Unit

The lecture notes department takes care of collecting, printing and selling lecture notes and protocols. In addition, we are responsible for the sale of printing contingent. We do everything to make sure that the students can get their scripts reliably.



As a referent, you are in contact with the professors in order to obtain permission for the printing of new scripts. In addition, one regularly checks the current stock of scripts and reprints scripts if necessary.

For the computer science scripts, the lecturers additionally take care of the approval for printing, since the faculty covers all printing costs here. So these scripts can be sold for only 1€.

When new exam scripts are submitted, they are reviewed and approved. Once enough have been collected, they are then compiled and prepared for printing.

And of course, the referents ensure that the script sales run smoothly. To do this, salespeople are assigned to appointments and occasionally substitutes must be found.

For inquiries through , we are available throughout to answer all kinds of questions.


As a member you can contribute to the sale of scripts. During your 45-minute shift you will take care of all services of the script sales.

In addition, the lecturers are always pleased when the staff members also participate in requesting lecture notes from the professors or help to check the protocols.

Lecturers and staff members

If you have any questions, please write to . There you can reach all referents and staff members.

Referents: Mathematics: vacant Physics: Malte Wendt-Larsen ( ) Informatics: Finn Hartmann ( ) Chemie: Matthias Rosenow ( )

Central Skripification Officers (CSO)

Malte Wendt-Larsen
Finn Hartmann
Matthias Rosenow