Survey Unit

Survey Unit

from left to right: Sebastian, Ziwei, Lukas, Anastasiia, Anna-Lena, Dominik, Constantin, Jakob, Michael


The survey unit takes care of the planning and analysis of the lecture evaluations in the individual departments. For this purpose, we are in contact with the lecturers for conducting the survey and to the departments for improving teaching with the results.

Conducting event evaluations by the student council has been a longstanding tradition in MPI and is relatively unique at TUM. Thereby, the biggest advantage for the student council is the independence and the possibility to actively improve the evaluation process with, for example, the publication of results (in planning).

Due to the school changeover and the merge of the MPI with the chemistry, a lot is changing at the moment. In the future there will be more information about the processes here.

Current projects

  • Publication of the survey results
  • Revision of the questionnaires
  • Improvement and maintenance of our existing tool (Python/Django)


For interest, concerns, questions, or suggestions for improvement, please contact .

Info page of the former department for informatics about the survey

Central Polling Officers (CPO)

Ziwei Wang
Markus Amaseder
Sebastian Klasner
Dominik Felbrich