Information for Companies

Information for Companies

This page contains an overview of information on the page „Posters“ relevant specifically to companies.


For industry cooperations intended to reach students, please reach out to the respective school. As a result of both legal and capacity constraints, the student council generally doesn’t engage in such cooperations. The only cooperations we offer are the distribution of freebies via the SET bags or as an event sponsor.

  • If you’re interested in providing goodies for SET bags, please contact . Please take note: paper flyers or handouts aren’t accepted for environmental reasons. Any coupons must be business card-sized.
  • If you’d like more information about event sponsorship, please reach out to the relevant events directly at (for Unity) or (for the Winterball).

Job postings

We can publicize job postings related to students on our bulletin board with one A4 sheet per job.

To do this, you must send us the notice by paper mail. We cannot print notices that you send us by email due to the volume of requests.

If you want to distribute the announcement online, TUM offers a website here:

Publicity for external events

For events aimed at students, please contact the respective associated faculty. We are not able to do this either online or with posters.


If you want to advertise your hackathon, please contact .

Promotion of products

We are not able to do this, neither online nor with flyers.

Displaying flyers

We can display flyers and brochures for events and job postings in limited number at our discretion if you mail them to us or drop them off.

If you have further questions, it is best to email or use the contact form.

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