The departmental student council allows certain organizations, companies, people, and events to publish information within the university. Due to the high number of requests, we ask you to read this page carefully. We’ll try to keep it short—promise!


See “Information for Companies”.


If you have a Hackathon you’d like to publicize, you can reach interested students directly via .

Product Advertisements

are not possible, whether online nor via flyers or posters.


We can display a limited number of flyers and brochures for events and job openings at our discretion. They should be sent via mail or dropped off at a student council office.

Digital Publications

We run a Telegram channel on which short ads within various topics can be published. Students can access it here.

Due to the high number of requests, digitally submitted job postings currently aren’t posted there. We recommend you have a look at the TUM Alumni Office’s job portal. Exceptions are possible.

Submitted texts should be shorter than 60 words. Instead of text, you can also submit an image (preferably in landscape orientation). Please send your ads directly to the relevant appointees. Of course, we reserve the right not to publish your content.

Analog Publications

We can put up your posters within the Mathematics/Informatics building (FMI) in Garching.

Types of Posters

Different formal requirements apply depending on the topic of your poster.

External topics

  1. Apartments or rooms for rent
  2. Job postings
  3. Corporate events
  4. …similar topics.
  • Per job/apartment/event… we can put up one A4-size sheet.
  • Flyers up to size A5 can be put out in small numbers.

For job postings please also take note of this TUM page:

Internal topics

  1. Schools and departmental student council
  2. TUM and its university library
  3. Other organizations with direct link to TUM (for example: an event organized in part, or endorsed by TUM)
  • In these cases, we allow up to 4 posters of size A1. These can be put up at the large entrances to the FMI.
  • Information about conferences or events taking place within the FMI may also be put up at certain lecture hall doors.

Submitting your posters and fliers

  • No fees apply.
  • We do not print posters or fliers for you.
  • Publications are approved for a 4-week timespan. In case you would like them to be removed sooner, simply let us know on a sticky note applied to your printouts.

In person in Garching

Simply visit our office. We do not observe fixed opening hours, but are usually open during business hours in the lecture period of each semester.

Via mail

Send us your publications via mail. Your publication will usually appear on the relevant bulletin board or building entrance within a few days.

Other contacts for publications.

In case we aren’t able to help you, you might have better luck contacting these other offices within the FMI: