Cryptoparties: encrypt email, how to do it?

Posted on April 17, 2016 by Julian Biendarra ‐ 1 min read

Cryptoparties: encrypt email, how to do it?

E-mails are like postcards, they say. If they are not encrypted, they can be read: by the “e-postman,” i.e., the e-mail provider, among others, or other unwanted third parties (criminals, NSA, BND). Gmail, for example, automatically “reads” the e-mails of its users in order to display customized advertising.

To prevent all this, you can either stop writing e-mails or encrypt them. Two standards (S/MIME and OpenPGP) are currently competing here, but unfortunately they cannot communicate with each other. For private use, OpenPGP is mainly used at the moment. At the beginning of the semester, a workshop will be held at each of the major locations.

  • City center: 19.4.2016 from 16:00
  • Weihenstephan: 21.4.2016 from 16:00
  • Garching: 28.4.2016 from 16:00

Further info and registration at