(In)Accessibility in the MI building?

Posted on November 5, 2019 by Philip Höbler ‐ 1 min read

(In)Accessibility in the MI building?

In our university you can encounter various barriers in everyday life. In the older buildings for example, there are no resources to help students with impairment. These include missing Voice announcements in the elevators, broken door openers and floating stairs in the MI building.

But also during lectures you can be confronted with challenges. Poorly chosen colours, red laser pointers, acoustics/noise levels, scripts that are not barrier-free, etc. can all be a challenge. They all will lead to a situation in which participationis made more difficult.

This is only an excerpt from a list of problems that need to be solved. We now want to focus on the topics of inclusion and accessibility and break down as many barriers as possible! Therefore we have already established contact with positions at our faculties and TUM.

But now we still need your help: Please contact us if you encounter barriers and challenges at our university!You can reach us at or meet us in person.

We will take every complaint seriously and include it in further steps. Thank you for your commitment!