Maintenance for our printer

Posted on April 23, 2019 by Albert Stark ‐ 2 min read

Maintenance for our printer

The new semester is about to start, which means one thing for our printing department: we have to print the new lecture notes in order for them to be available on time for you.

As we have to print a lot of pages (which is not possible with an ordinary office printer) we own an production-grade printing machine. Our printer is a Canon VarioPrint 110, but it’s broken and prints multiple nasty stripes all over every page.

  • Our printerOur printer …
  • Our printer open
  • MisprintsMisprints
  • Our printer really open… opened up.

Due to the fact that such machines are too big and expensive to have a backup machine around, such industrial printers are nearly always accompanied by a service contract, so there is a technician available to help us out in such scenarios.

So we called the technician. When he arrived he found the problem fairly quickly in a worn out toner conveyor belt, which then got replaced. You can clearly make out the lines on the old belt, and the continuous coating on the new one.

  • Our printer really really open
  • Images of the mistake diagonosis
  • Images of the faulty part
  • Images of the faulty part
  • test Prints afterwards

The stripes have now vanished and currently the first scripts are coming out of the machine. If you want to buy one of those scripts, our service is here: .

If you want to find out more about our printing office, you are welcome to pass by at our room (00.06.041).