What's all that noise?

Posted on July 3, 2019 by Albert Stark ‐ 2 min read

What's all that noise?

Today we would like to present another division, which usually only appears in the background. The Computer Unit, which takes care of the administration and maintenance of the Student Council’s IT.

The administrators are organized in the computer department or Compref for short. Among them are experienced system administrators, some of whom do not study anymore, but are always there with help and advice.

Picture of our Serverroom with a Linux Poster

Our servers are located in the Maths Informatics building. So if you find a room with Tux, the Linux logo, and the inscription Server-room, you know from where this website is delivered. If you listen carefully, you can also hear the soft hum and noise of the fans.

We do not only operate this website, but many more. Some pages are primarily intended for the internal use of the Student Representation (internal wikis) but also publicly accessible tools like our meeting tool, where you can find, among other things, the minutes of our meetings. Maybe you already stumbled across the helper tool when you registered as a helper for one of the many events.

  • Screenshot of Meetingtool
  • Screenshot of Mailclient
  • Screenshot of Helfertool
  • Screenshot of Mailclient
  • Screenshot of MinionOS, our own Debian Version

Among other things, we also operate a mail server for the domain @fs.tum.de. In addition, we have our own user administration and data server for the various departments, university groups and other student councils. We have also set up a Debian-based system for our office computers so that everyone can work quickly and easily.

If you are part of an accredited university group and you need storage or web hosting, you can also contact us.

  • Switches and FirewallSwitches and Firewall
  • Virtualisiererthe virtualiser
  • Netzerkspeichernetwork storage
  • Frontal pic of our network rackEverything shown together.

In total, we [currently] have 3 physical servers on which we virtualize our various services. The files are stored on two redundant network storage devices so that the operation is not disturbed, even in the event of a failure. The same applies to our redundantly designed switches and firewalls.

As you can already see, a relatively large part of the student council also builds on the services of the Compref. So it’s no surprise that almost everyone has contact with us at least once in their student council career, at the latest when they get their account from us.

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