Rätseladventskalender - „I came, saw and deciphered“

Posted on December 5, 2021 by Alexandru-Răzvan Cacovean ‐ 2 min read

Rätseladventskalender - „I came, saw and deciphered“

IMPORTANT: We ask all groups who take part in the puzzle advent calendar to register in the form https://nextcloud.in.tum.de/index.php/apps/forms/Y8FjiDfozbHfWAFE, if they have not already done so. We also want to point out that group registrations and solutions will remain open until December 24th, 2021, 23:59 , but the submission time is also important for awarding points.

2nd Task: “I came, saw and deciphered”

After Santa has successfully treated himself to his non-alcoholic Weißbier and paid the goblins their tip, he leaves the pub again and returns to his Christmas sleigh. Once there, however, he is horrified to discover that all the presents have disappeared. Only a note and a strange magical painting are still lying in the sled’s loading area. Santa picks up the note and reads it carefully: “Dear Santa, it is I, the powerful witch Asciira, who has hexed away your presents. Now Christmas must be cancelled and I finally have my well-deserved rest this year and no longer have to endure this stupid Christmas festivity. I’ve put the presents in the enclosed magical Caesar painting. Only when you say the magic word the spell is released and the presents fly out of the painting again. Of course you have no idea what the solution word is and I won’t tell you.

Lovely regards, the witch Ascirra.” Santa Claus looks at the painting in despair and notices that Caesar is moving around in the painting. Maybe the person in the painting is trying to tell him something? Will you be able to solve the second part of the Christmas puzzle and save Christmas from destruction by finding the solution word in time?

[video width=“416” height=“626” mp4="/images/news/2021/caesar-1.mp4"][/video]

The solutions should be submitted via the link:https://nextcloud.in.tum.de/index.php/apps/forms/b828MGQrTtoscRsH

Link to the first task: https://mpi.fs.tum.de/raetseladvent1-2/