Rätseladventskalender - The Multi-Lock

Posted on December 12, 2021 by Alexandru-Răzvan Cacovean ‐ 2 min read

Rätseladventskalender - The Multi-Lock

After Santa successfully uttered the solution word, to Santa’s great surprise, not the stolen gifts flew out of the painting, but a map and 5 golden keys and 3 silver keys. The map apparently leads directly to the magic castle of the evil witch Asciira. Santa Claus had no choice but to follow the map, hoping to find the presents.

His journey took him through the darkest jungles of the rainforest, the densest crowds of the Munich subway and the coldest tundras in the world. After a while that seemed like an eternity, Santa’s journey finally ends at the icebergs of Gundadum, the coldest place he knows. He searches the whole mountain range until he finally discovers a small cave entrance at the top of the highest mountain. Santa has found the entrance to the evil witch’s lair.

While rummaging through the chambers of her lair, he eventually comes across a magically sealed door with a very unusual lock. This lock is a very complex mechanism with 25 keyholes arranged in a 5 x 5 square. Santa Claus assumes that here he needs the keys that the painting bequeathed him after solving the last puzzle. Next to the 5x5 lock is a cryptic inscription, written in ancient runes: “He who uses gold never wants to use silver again. Nevertheless, gold and silver must work together to open the magic gate. Only when all eight keys are in place does the path to your happiness open.” Santa knows that this must be a clue. But in what way must the keys be inserted into the lock to open the gate? Santa puts a golden key into the lock on a trial basis and finds that the key has a magical effect on the rest of the keyholes. In the same row, column and both diagonals where the golden key is inserted, Santa is able to insert another golden key into the lock, but not a silver key. In turn, putting a silver key into a lock in the 5x5 square has no magical effect on the other keyholes. The fate of Christmas depends on whether you are able to put all 8 keys into the multi-lock. Help Santa break this seal. Christmas is now in your hands.

Hint: Enter the coordinates of the 8 keys in the format (x, y, color). So for example ‘(1,1,gold), (1,2,gold), (4,2,gold), (2,3,gold), (4,5,gold), (3,3,silver), (2,1,silver), (5,5,silver)’ is a possible (wrong) solution. Good luck ;)

Link for the answers: https://nextcloud.in.tum.de/index.php/apps/forms/SCPfYDZ9Dp4CEfCz

Link to first task: https://mpi.fs.tum.de/en/raetseladvent1-2/

Link to second task: https://mpi.fs.tum.de/en/raetseladvent2-2/