Rätseladventskalender - Crosspassword Puzzle

Posted on December 19, 2021 by Alexandru-Răzvan Cacovean ‐ 2 min read

Rätseladventskalender - Crosspassword Puzzle

Santa Claus has been on the road for several weeks now. He has already experienced a lot on his trip so far and thanks to your help he was able to open his wheat beer, the hiding place of the witch Asciira and the magical gate to her cave. There he finally finds what he has been looking for for the past two weeks, the gifts that the witch stole from him from the sled. Now it’s a matter of delivering the gifts so that everyone gets their gifts on time. But because of Asciira’s distractions, he doesn’t have much time left until the presents in a week. Fortunately, Santa Claus and his hardworking elves planned for this moment all year round and worked on it. You have made a list of all the gifts and who should receive them. Since there are a lot of presents and he doesn’t forget anything, he wrote everything down and saved it in a large list. However, Santa Claus has a problem, he doesn’t use a password manager and he forgot the list’s password during his exhausting journey. But Santa Claus is a clever man and also a bit old-school. He wrote down the password on the list. But here, too, Asciira got in his way. She disguised the password as the answer to a crossword puzzle. However, Santa Claus cannot find the solution in time on his own. He therefore needs your help. For Santa Claus, many great helpers from TUM who can certainly help him best with these questions. Because the questions are about TUM, the cities of Munich and Garching, as well as Christmas, mathematics, computer science and physics. Plus, every child knows math, computer science, and physics students love puzzles. Help Santa Claus with his last task so that he can ensure a merry Christmas again this year. Thanks to all who participated. Merry Christmas, a relaxing holiday and a happy new year to all of you. Important:

1 Name of a nobel laureate

4 Iodendosis is actually Ionendosis

5Linksstetig is actually Linksseitig

19 can be skipped

Link to the puzzle: https://www.xwords-generator.de/de/solve/uk96z

Please send a picture with the solved puzzle to

Link to first task: https://mpi.fs.tum.de/en/raetseladvent1-2/

Link to second task: https://mpi.fs.tum.de/en/raetseladvent2-2/

Link to third task: https://mpi.fs.tum.de/en/raetseladvent3-2/