Opening Study Rooms at the MI-Building

Posted on July 18, 2021 by Andreas Chris Wilhelmer ‐ 4 min read

Opening Study Rooms at the MI-Building

[This article is updated continuously. Last update: February 09, 2022 01:30 p.m.] The exam period is here The new Semester is here It’s exam period once again, and naturally an adequate learning environment is very important for us students during this time. Consequently, it is particularly good news that from now on the MI-Magistrale as well as some other rooms in the MI building are available as study rooms for students.

But beware: To ensure that it remains this way, it is important that everyone adheres to the applicable hygiene rules! – Students are required to wear an FFP2 or medical mask throughout the building. – The maximum number of people posted at the entrance to study rooms may not be exceeded. – Upon entering a study room, a check-in by scanning the QRONITON code posted at the entrance is required. – Only designated seats may be used as learning spots. – The protective sheets available at the entrance must be used at all learning spots. – A minimum distance of 1.5 meters must be maintained. – Regular ventilation of study rooms is essential. – The instructions of staff enforcing hygiene measures must be followed.

If the 7-day incidence in Munich (district) is >50, A 2G-mandate (vaccinated or recovered; a test alone is insufficient) is always mandatory when using study rooms when entering any TUM building. Only valid certificates (QR-Codes) according to EU-standards and yellow vaccination certificates, each in combination with a valid photo ID, will be accepted. Other certificates have to be approved and converted to a EU-Standard compliant certificate in advance. Antigen rapid tests are valid for at most 24 hours, and PCR tests for at most 48 hours after the test has been conducted. Staying in a TUM building without a 2G certificate is an administrative offense and will be reported to authorities without exception.

In addition to the Magistrale, the following rooms are available as study rooms during the specified opening times (as of 09 February 2021 01:30 p.m.):

  • The study rooms on the second floor above the MI library (Mon-Fri 09:00 - 19:00):

Room TypeRoom LocationRoom Numbermax. people
Study Room (Carrel)1st FL (abv. library)01.03.031B1
Group Study Room1st FL (abv. library)01.03.0326
Study Room (Carrel)1st FL (abv. library)01.03.033A1
Study Room (Carrel)1st FL (abv. library)01.03.033B1
Study Room (Carrel)1st FL (abv. library)01.03.035A1
Study Room (Carrel)1st FL (abv. library)01.03.035B1
Group Study Room1st FL (abv. library)01.03.0366
Study Room (Carrel)1st FL (abv. library)01.03.037A1
Study Room (Carrel)1st FL (abv. library)01.03.037B1
Study Room (Carrel)1st FL (abv. library)01.03.039A1
Study Room (Carrel)1st FL (abv. library)01.03.039B1
Group Study Room1st FL (abv. library)01.03.0409
Study Room (Carrel)1st FL (abv. library)01.03.041A1
Study Room (Carrel)1st FL (abv. library)01.03.043A1
Study Room (Carrel)1st FL (abv. library)01.03.043B1
  • The following rooms at the northern side of the MI building (Mon-Fri 09:00 - 19:00):
Room TypeRoom LocationRoom Numbermax. people
Copy Space (hallway)1st FL (north)01.07.011A1
Glass Room1st FL (north)01.07.011B3
Copy Space (hallway)1st FL (north)01.09.011A1
Glass Room1st FL (north)01.09.011B3
Copy Space (hallway)1st FL (north)01.13.009A1
Glass Room1st FL (north)01.13.009B3
Copy Space (hallway)2nd FL (north)02.05.011A1
Glass Room2nd FL (north)02.05.011B2
Copy Space (hallway)2nd FL (north)02.07.011A1
Glass Room2nd FL (north)02.07.011B3
Seminar Room2nd FL (north)02.07.01412
Copy Space (hallway)2nd FL (north)02.09.011A1
Glass Room2nd FL (north)02.09.011B3
Glass Room3rd FL (north)03.05.011B3
Glass Room3rd FL (north)03.09.011B3
Room TypeRoom LocationRoom Numbermax. people
Great Computer Hallground floor magistrale north (double door)00.05.01158
Small Computer Hallground floor through big computer hall00.07.02320
Mathematics Roomground floor (north)00.07.03710
iCafeground floor (south)00.08.0578
Bode Room1st floor (south)01.04.01110
Hubwieser Room1st floor (north)01.05.0129
Schulz Room1st floor (south)01.10.0205
Aurarium1st floor (north)01.07.0347
Nipkow Room2nd floor (north)02.09.0125
Baumgarten Room2nd floor (north)02.13.0079
Westermann Room2nd floor (north)02.13.0087
  • Study spots in the library of the MI-building (Mon-Fri 08:00 - 24:00, Sat-Sun 10:00 - 20:00; might need reservations) (see also library website).

Please note that seminar rooms and glass rooms may be needed at times for examinations or events organized by chairs. Should this be the case, such events have priority! Please check the TUMonline calendar (which is usually also displayed at the room entrance) before entering the room to see if it is free.

We are currently working on gradually opening seminar rooms as learning spaces for students. The above list of available rooms will be updated as more rooms become available.

We wish you good luck and much success with your exam preparation (and the new semester)!