Legacy Exams

Legacy Exams

The legacy exams situation differs greatly by degree program.

Computer science

We do not have any old exams, but most professors give out old exams to course participants. If no old exams are offered, please contact the course instructor and ask for old exams.


We do not have legacy exams, a few professors give out legacy exams to course students. There is a collection of exam protocols for the Fundamentals and Orientation Exams (GOP).


For Experimental Physics 1-4 and Theoretical Physics 1-2 lectures, legacy exams are available on our Physics Exams page. There is also a legacy collection of exam protocols.



exam protocols

Examination protocols are available at the script sale during business hours.

When purchasing protocols, a deposit of 30€ must be left, which will be refunded when sending in your own protocol..

Templates for the protocols for Math and for Physics can be downloaded here. Please send us the *.tex file, NOT the PDF file. The completed protocol should then be sent to . Please also indicate the number of your deposit slip. If umlauts are not displayed correctly, please make sure that your editor is set to UTF-8 encoding before you start writing.

Basically, when writing your own transcripts, keep in mind that they should reflect your own thought process of the respective answer as much as possible. Statements like “see script” or “written down” will not be accepted - as in the exam itself.

Incoming protocols will be checked by us. We will contact you if there are still changes to be made or if the content of the protocol fits and the deposit in the script sale can be refunded.