Borrowing sports equipment

In our student council you can borrow various sports equipment, such as different balls (basketball, volleyball, etc.) or table tennis bats.

Just come to our office, you only need a deposit, preferably your student ID.

You can keep the borrowed sports equipment for as long as you want, but you should keep in mind that other people like to do sports as well, and we only have a finite amount of sports equipment. We also have kicker balls, because with them kicker is much more fun!

Here the deposit is simply 1 euro.

Sports equipment can also be borrowed at the NAT, in the offices Chemistry (Room CH26503) and Physics (Room PH2257).

Borrowing games

If you don’t feel like playing sports right now, we also have a sizable collection of board games that can be borrowed at any time.

From classics like Monopoly, Scotland Yard or Settlers of Catan to lesser known ones like Dixit or Dominion, you can of course just drop by and see what’s in the cupboard, it’s worth it.

Even more cool games can be found at the only true game night, where you can of course try out our entire inventory (and much more).

Equipment rental

In addition to sports equipment and games, the student council also has various equipment that can be useful for events of all kinds.

We have everything from beer table sets to cable drums to mulled wine stoves.

The best way to get in touch with them is at , where you can find out what is available and what is not. It is also a good idea to make an appointment with the camp representatives beforehand so that someone is sure to be there.

If you want to borrow something, you can simply come to our camp. Depending on the value of the borrowed items, you might have to pay a deposit, which you will of course get back when you return it.

To borrow the pavilions, grill, beer benches or mulled wine stove at the NAT, please write an email to . Whether the grill or the beer benches are still available on your desired date and further information about borrowing and returning, you will then receive in the reply.

Lending of laboratory equipment

You can borrow lab goggles from us for a day, just stop by the Student Council Office in the Chemistry Building (Room CH26503).

We do not lend out acid gloves or lab coats. However, lab coats can be purchased from us, you can find more about coat sales here.

Additionally, you can borrow molecule kits in the office.