Printing Quota

Printing Quota

We sell print quotas for the computer room at thescript sales office as well.

The print quota is only accessible to mathematics and informatics students. Physics students do not have a computer room ID.

Purchasing print quotas

The prices are:

  • 100 Pages: €3.50
  • 1000 pages: €30.00

You can also buy multiples of these page amounts. 200 pages would thus cost €7.00. You automatically get 50 pages per semester for free.

You can buy your print quotas at the script sales office (during opening times). For this, please bring your StudentCard, as we need it’s chip number. The printing quota can be used directly afterwards.

More information on using the printers is provided by the Rechnerbetriebsgruppe (who also operate the printers) at

Printers in the chemistry building

In the CIP-Pool of Chemistry there are two black and white and one color printer available. You can use the printers “Julia”, “Leo” and “Joachim” from the PCs in the CIP-Pool, if you have enough printing contingent. Printing vouchers can be purchased at the Kittelverkauf. The gradations are 1 €, 5 € and 10 €. Activation of the vouchers requires registration with the print server using the TUM identifier within the LRZ network.

Students who are enrolled in a chemistry program are entitled to a free daily quota of 0.30 €. The daily quota should be claimed, analogous to a print voucher, in the Kittelverkauf and then activated at the print server. This printing quota will replenish itself every day to the fixed amount of 0,30 € (without cumulating).

If you have problems with the printers or the print quota, please contact us.

Printers in the physics building

The printers in the CIP-Pools in the physics building can be used free of charge. If consumables are missing you can contact the student council.

The following rooms can be used: