Printing Quota

Printing Quota

There are three printing systems available in the different buildings. If you have any questions or problems, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Printers in the MI-Building

In MI, only mathematics and informatics students with the RBG identifier can use the printers in the computer lab as well as the floor printers located in front of some glass cases in the main hall.

There are two ways to print. At the printers you log in with your StudentCard and release the print job. It may be necessary to register the StudentCard once at the printer.

  1. Via the online print service qPilot using RBG-identifier (only accessible within the LRZ network or via VPN). Instructions can be found in the RBG Wiki.
  2. Via the computer workstations (equipped with the so-called black box) in the computer labs using RBG identifier. Further information on the use of the computer hall can be found in the IT-Guide and in the RBG-Wiki.

MI printing quota

Each student is entitled to 50 pages per semester as a print quota free of charge. The current contingent can be queried via the qPilot (only accessible within the LRZ network or via VPN).

Additional quotas can be purchased at the script sales (during opening hours, of course). Please bring your StudentCard, from which we need the chip number. The contingent will then be booked directly.

The prices are:

  • 100 pages: 3,50 €
  • 1000 pages: 30 €
  • Multiples of the number of pages can also be purchased. 200 pages then cost e.g. 7 €.

Printers in the chemistry building

In the Chemistry CIP Pool, two black-and-white and one colour printer are available. From these PCs in the CIP pool, the printers “Julia”, “Leo” and “Joachim” can be controlled with sufficient print contingent.

Chemistry printing quota

Students who are enrolled in a chemistry degree programme are entitled to a free daily quota of 0.30 €. The daily quota can be requested in the Kittelverkauf and then activated at the Print Server with LRZ-identifier (only accessible within the LRZ network or via VPN). This print quota fills up daily to the fixed amount of 0.30 € (without accumulation).

In addition, print vouchers can be purchased at the Kittelverkauf. The increments are 1 €, 5 € and 10 €. To activate the vouchers, registration at the print server with the LRZ identifier is required (only accessible within the LRZ network or via VPN).

Printers in the physics building

The printers in the physics CIP pools can be used free of charge. If consumables are missing, please contact the student council.

The following rooms can be used: