Instructions for viewing evaluation results

Instructions for viewing evaluation results

Our evaluation results viewing portal is available at These instructions are intended to explain how to use the portal.

How do I get access?

Access is available to all members of TUM. Authentication is done via TUM’s Shibboleth, which verifies student or staff status.

What is published?

Currently, the last 6 semesters are published for the CIT or its predecessors. Full NAT results will not be coming anytime soon.

It should be noted that it takes a bit of time for the last semester to be available. This is because we are waiting for the evaluations to be completed and need to give lecturers enough time to comment, if they want to.

Why don’t I see names of lecturers?

For privacy reasons, we are not allowed to display names, no matter if they can be found through other means. This is a requirement we received for university-wide publication.

Why can’t I find a specific course?

If a course cannot be found, then it either has not been evaluated, has been evaluated but is not yet available, or has been evaluated but has not received 5 or more responses, thus meeting privacy hurdles. Therefore, we ask all students to always complete the evaluation. This not only provides feedback to the lecturers, but also lets you and future generations see the results.

Why don’t I see free text comments?

The publication of results is limited to the main findings (see BayHIG). It was agreed in the CIT that this would include all questions except the free text comments. In addition to the legal restriction, it would mean an unmanageable moderation effort for us.