Begin Of Studies

Begin Of Studies

Application at TUM

We are glad that you want to study at the TU Munich!

You can find all important information on these pages:

We can also advise you: Have a look at the study plan for your desired study, it gives you an overview of what you can expect in the study. If you have an interview, it will definitely go down well if you have already had a look at what you will hear!

If you want to talk to people from your desired study program, just visit us in Garching and we will find someone who can answer your questions. Of course you can also send us an email or give us a call: , 089 289 18545.

Good luck and hopefully see you soon at the introductory days!


For the Bachelor’s programs there are pre-courses for mathematics, physics and computer science. If your application to TUM was successful, you should also receive a separate invitation to these courses.

In the preliminary courses, you will repeat or learn the material that is valuable for the beginning of your studies. It is important to know that everything that is not part of the school material will of course be covered again at the beginning of the lectures (possibly even faster).

We strongly recommend that you take part in the preliminary courses, because this will make it much easier for you to start your studies. This is a good start into the university life, because you can get used to the way of working at the university and get a solid basic knowledge before the lectures have even started. Above all, you can easily make first acquaintances and friends at the university, which often last for your entire studies.

Information about the mathematics pre-courses for the subjects mathematics, physics and computer science can be found at:

In addition to the mathematics pre-courses, there is also a LOOP: Learning Object-Oriented Programming course, which is especially recommended for those computer science freshmen who had little computer science in school (e.g. from other states). You can find more information here.

So the pre-courses are definitely worth your time!

Introductory days